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The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box Limited Collector's Edition - 10 Cd Box

Lou Reed


Data aparitiei: 13.05.2015

Gen: Rock

Casa de discuri: Rhino

355 LEI


Lou Reed was known as a founding member and singer / guitarist of the legendary Velvet Underground - on 30.10. Warner also released a deluxe new edition of their fourth album "Loaded" - which after the dissolution of the band could start a successful solo career, which included a lot of different musical genres

He became a star in the seventies. In this decade, which so resolutely balanced the fine line between decadence, hedonism, escapism and nihilism, one like Reed was grumpy, cynical, clever and incorruptible, exploring with his poetry areas in which neither Dylan nor the Stones had dared, the perfect cast for the role of effeminate Frankenstein of Rock (Rolling Stone). He was actually the man who dared to do the "Walk On The Wild Side", who knew what he was singing about in "Vicious", but could also make a song out of a "Perfect Day". He wasn't an "acrobat of beauty", instead he sounded skeptical, mostly notoriously bad-tempered, sometimes monotonous and with a strangely soundless antistimbe. He was the man the punks had respect for, too

Reed's solo work remained like its creator: unpredictable, fascinating and versatile, at the same time erratic and ingenious. He continued to perform live until his untimely death in 2013 and has sold more than 16 million albums worldwide during his solo career. He won 2 Grammy Awards and was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame. The word "cult" is certainly appropriate here

The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box now for the first time unites all albums he recorded for the Sire label in a beautifully designed glamshell box containing the albums in the form of paper sleeves.

Album title:

New York Songs For Drella Magic And Loss Set The Twilight Feeling Perfect Night Live In London Ecstasy The Raven (2CD) Animal Serenade (2CD)


"Loss and death were also topics that on the 1992 gloomy Magic And Loss still had an effect. About Set The Twilight Reeling (1996), the live Album Perfect Night Live In London (1998), Ecstasy (2000), the Edgar Concept album dedicated to Allan Poe The Raven (2003) it goes live to the cut Animal Serenade (2004), on which the then still relative unknown Antony (Hegarty) next to the Background-vocals with a touching "Candy Says" shines

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