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Live In Stuttgart 1975 Limited Edition - 2 Cd



Data aparitiei: 28.05.2021

Gen: Kraut-Rock

Casa de discuri: Spoon

150 LEI


The start of the live series: "Can Live In Stuttgart 1975"

"Live in Stuttgart 1975" is the first part of Can's new live album series.

"Live in Stuttgart 1975" and the yet to come releases of the Can Live series have been compiled from the best bootleg recordings available and mixed and mastered with 21st century technology. Can founding member Irmin Schmidt and the band's longtime producer and sound engineer Rene Tinner led the project.

The new album in five parts, "Can Live in Stuttgart 1975", documents an important and impressive part of Can's history. Since technical glitches repeatedly sabotaged scheduled live recordings in the '70s, they were missing from the Spoon catalog. Now the best bootleg recordings have been taken and put through the mills of 21st century technology under the direction of founding member Irmin Schmidt and CAN producer/sound engineer René Tinner to present these important historical documents in the best possible quality.

Formed in 1967 and disbanded just over a decade later, Can's unprecedented and bold combination of hypnotic grooves and avant-garde instrumental textures has made them one of the most important and innovative bands of all time. The new LIVE series reveals a whole new perspective on the band. You can hear familiar themes, riffs and motifs popping up and surfing through the jams, but they're often just fleetingly recognizable faces in a swirling crowd. You can also discover a lot of music that never made it into the official album canon.

The recordings go into more extreme realms than Can's studio work: from smooth, ambient drift rock to the infamous "Godzilla" moments. And even as the band members adjust and chase the rhythm from minute to minute, you can hear the extraordinary musical telepathy they all shared

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