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The Mofo- Project/Object Limited Collector's Edition - 4 Cd Set

Frank Zappa


Data aparitiei: 08.10.2006

Gen: Progressive-Rock

Casa de discuri: Zappa Records

150 LEI


Frank Zappa ‎– MOFO: The Making Of Freak Out! Project/Object An FZ Audio Documentary

Zappa Records ‎– ZR 20004
4 × CD, Compilation
12 Dec 2006
Rock & Roll, Avantgarde, Experimental, Prog Rock


1-1Hungry Freaks, Daddy3:33
1-2I Ain't Got No Heart2:35
1-3Who Are The Brain Police?3:26
1-4Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder3:43
1-5Motherly Love2:50
1-6How Could I Be Such A Fool?2:17
1-7Wowie Zowie2:56
1-8You Didn't Try To Call Me3:22
1-9Anyway The Wind Blows2:56
1-10I'm Not Satisfied2:42
1-11You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here3:42
1-12Trouble Every Day5:53
1-13Help, I'm A Rock4:43
1-14It Can't Happen Here3:59
1-15Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet12:23
2-1Hungry Freaks, Daddy (Vocal Overdub Take 1)3:47
2-2Anyway The Wind Blows (Vocal Overdub)2:53
2-3Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder (Vocal Overdub Take 2)3:48
2-4I Ain't Got No Heart (Vocal Overdub Master Take)2:27
2-5Motherly Love (Vocal Overdub Master Takes)3:09
2-6I'm Not Satisfied (2nd Vocal Overdub Master Take 2 (Rough Mix))2:38
2-7You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here (Vocal Overdub Take 1 (Incomplete) / Take 2 (Incomplete))1:58
2-8You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here (Basic Tracks)3:40
2-9Who Are The Brain Police? (Basic Tracks)3:42
2-10How Could I Be Such A Fool? (Basic Tracks)2:24
2-11Anyway The Wind Blows (Basic Tracks)2:48
2-12Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder (Basic Tracks)3:43
2-13I Ain't Got No Heart (Basic Tracks)2:36
2-14You Didn't Try To Call Me (Basic Tracks)3:01
2-15Trouble Every Day (Basic Tracks)7:11
2-16Help, I'm A Rock (FZ Edit)5:48
2-17Who Are The Brain Police? (Section B) (Alternate Take)1:15
2-18Groupie Bang Bang (Unreleased Track From Freak Out! Sessions)3:51
2-19Hold On To Your Small Tiny Horses2:08
3-2Freak Trim (Kim Outs A Big Idea)5:14
3-3Percussion Insert Session Snoop3:18
3-4Freak Out Drum Track W/ Timp. & Lion4:04
3-5Percussion Object 1 & 26:01
3-6Lion Roar & Drums From Freak Out!5:36
3-7Vito Rocks The Floor (Greek Out!)6:09
3-8"Low Budget Rock & Roll Band"2:14
3-9Suzy Creamcheese (What's Got Into You?)5:47
3-10Motherly Love3:12
3-11You Didn't Try To Call Me4:06
3-12I'm Not Satisfied2:53
3-13Hungry Freaks, Daddy3:37
3-14Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder2:32
4-1Wowie Zowie3:02
4-2Who Are The Brain Police? (Section A, C, B)4:31
4-3Hungry Freaks, Daddy3:37
4-4Cream Cheese (Work Part)7:57
4-5Trouble Every Day (Single Edit)2:39
4-6It Can't Happen Here (Mothermania Version)3:19
Interviews Excerpts
4-7"Psychedelic Music"2:34
4-9"Dope Fiend Music"2:06
4-10"How We Made It Sound That Way"5:08
4-11"Poop Rock"0:46
4-13"Psychedelic Upholstery"1:44
4-14"Psychedelic Money"1:20
4-15Who Are The Brain Police?

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