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Egg Remastered CD

Egg (Dave Stewart)


Data aparitiei: 14.03.2008

Gen: Progressive-Rock

Casa de discuri: CherryRed

75 LEI


This now legendary debut album by Egg featured the talents of Dave Stewart on Keyboards, Mont Campbell on Bass and Clive Brooks on Drums. Egg were associated with the so-called 'Canterbury' style of rock music pioneered by artists such as Caravan and Soft Machine. The trio produced music of startling originality and energy, drawing on influences ranging from rock to jazz to psychedelia to classical. This fusion resulted in one of the most enduring releases to appear on Decca's short lived Nova imprint and is now critically regarded as one of the more unique albums of the early 1970's.

Re-mastered from the original tapes, the Esoteric Recordings reissue includes three bonus tracks, including both sides of the bands only single and 'Movement 3' from the albums notorious opus 'Symphony No. 2', now restored in its rightful place in this extended composition.
As this fascinating 1970 album shows, Black Widow was far more sophisticated and musically advanced than contemporaries Black Sabbath. Strongly influenced by jazz, their imaginative songs are enhanced by the extensive use of flute, saxophone, organ and clarinet. The group from the English Midlands comprised Jim Gannon (lead guitar), Zoot Taylor (organ, piano), Kip Trever (vocals), Clive Jones (flute, sax, clarinet), Bob Bond (bass guitar) and Clive Box (drums). Gannon composed all the tunes featured on this debut album, with its controversial Black Magic theme. It was engineered by Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker. ‘Sacrifice’ provides a grand finale and their best-known stage number, ‘Come To The Sabbat’ is included as a bonus track.

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