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Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No. 2 Ravel: Piano Concerto 180g Vinyl

Leonard Bernstein


Data aparitiei: 01.01.1970


Casa de discuri: Impex Records

145 LEI


Direct Import USA by

“Both pieces are easily accessible even to the classical music-challenged listener. Bernstein’s piano is very nicely  recorded and the orchestra is spread neatly behind. Both [works] have glorious harmonics and impressive dynamics.
Good reissue choice, Impex!”
—Michael Fremer,

‘‘With digital [music formats] you can fast-forward and skip it with a mouse and click it off. You’re not reverential toward the music.

With vinyl, there’s an inherent romance to it. When you put the needle down, you feel connected.’’
—Jack White
as told to Entertainment Weekly, 2011

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