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Minor Details

Jan Akkerman


Data aparitiei: 18.03.2013

Gen: Rock

Casa de discuri: Digimode

69.99 LEI


Jan Akkerman (born 24 December 1946, Amsterdam, Netherlands) is a Dutch guitarist. Akkerman is a distinctive guitarist, constantly experimenting with new equipment and guitars. Akkerman's distinctive guitar sound is characterised by his pioneering use of volume swells which produce a smooth, fluty, sustained note, although he is also capable of astonishing high-speed pyrotechnics. He also pioneered the use of the lute in a rock band, reflecting his interest in medieval and Renaissance music and culture. He first reached world acclaim in the 1970s when he was seen as the core of the Dutch rock band, Focus, together with Thijs van Leer.

In 1973 Akkerman was chosen 'Best Guitarist in The World' by the readers of the UK magazine, Melody Maker. His standing was such that he teamed up with manufacturer Framus to produce one of the first 'signature' guitar models.

About his new album “Minor Details “Jan Akkerman says: 

I’m proud to present my latest album called ‘Minor Details’ .When you are on the top it’s all about details. This album has many details, major and minor.

In preparation it was one of the most difficult things I ever did, as I wanted the whole project being done via the internet. Whilst in concert, usually during breaks, the band would discuss this particular way of working. They would need to work this during their own heavy schedule.

As Willy doesn’t have a studio I would send him the music sheets and Marijn and Coen would receive MIDI files, examples of tunes, to work on. Last year, on tour in Brasil, Marijn had his own portable home studio with him and Willy recorded bass parts in a resort near Recife. Back in Holland, Coen did the keys in his home studio and Marijn recorded his drums at his studio with additional tracks from Willy. Since the whole project was virtually done via the net, I had to trust this band in what they were capable of playing and it sounded great from what I got back from each member separately. In the old days there was a saying "We’ll fix it in the Mix". 

Well, I guarantee you that mixing was no sinecure, but eventually a very rewarding experience which resulted in our new album ‘Minor Details’.

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