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Fragile LP - 180 gr - Audiophile



Data aparitiei: 10.01.2007

Gen: Rock

Casa de discuri: Analogue Productions

220 LEI


"…Fragile's sound is far above the average rock recording of the time and Analogue Productions has done a magnificent job in recreating the original release…Unlike other rock reissues that I've heard, there's even some macro and microdynamics. Despite a touch of congestion at louder levels, the recording's atmosphere comes through nicely. A must-have." – Myles Astor, Positive-Feedback Online, Issue 34,

Propelled by the timeless hit "Roundabout," Yes' fourth album, Fragile, became an instant classic and is undoubtedly one of prog-rock's finest moments. It was the first Yes record to feature Rick Wakeman on keyboards and the first to display the inimitable artwork of Roger Dean. And it's now been remastered by the incomparable team of Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman at AcousTech Mastering. Typical of Kevin and Steve's work, this version of Fragile is warmer, richer and airier than the 1971 original. Rediscover a classic.

By far the most successful and enduring progressive rock group ever, Yes have been navigating the sonic stratosphere for more than three decades. Weathering myriad personnel changes and as many musical trends, their popularity has endured like granite. As Q Magazine put it, Yes are "the long haired dads of Radiohead."

"…If you've only heard this as a CD or god forbid as an MP3 file, this reissue will be a revelation…Gray and Hoffman avoided the trap of excessively boosting the bottom end in a vain attempt to add what's not there, and they also avoided lifting the top to also try and add what's not there. Instead, they concentrated in the middle, where they finessed the rich textures that were on the tape. So when you hear the opening 'pling' of 'Roundabout,' you'll hear it with a velvety-richness missing on the original…Combine the midband richness, improved overall transparency and eerily black backgrounds and one has to declare this reissue a complete success." Music = 8/11; Sound = 8/11 – Michael Fremer,
Originally released in 1972.

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