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I Want To Know What Love Is - The Ballads - Special Edition Digipack 2 CDs



Data aparitiei: 31.01.2014

Gen: Rock

Casa de discuri: Edel

99.99 LEI


Foreigner have sold over 80 million albums worldwide since its inception in 1976. The self-titled debut, released the following year, easily reached 5x platinum hurdle in the U.S., the sequel "Double Vision" (released '78) could even beat and reap 7x platinum. "Head Games", in turn, appeared only a year later, also comes to 5x platinum. "4", from the years '81, includes the hit singles "Jukebox Hero," "Waiting For A Girl Like You" and "Urgent" and comes to 6x platinum. The followup work appeared in 1984 "Agent Provocateur" including the great single "I Want To Know What Love Is", which errreicht # 1 in the U.S., UK and Germany. Main songwriter, guitarist, leader and until today the only remaining original member of the band, Mick Jones, moreover, still shines with producer and co-songwriter tasks, including for Billy Joel's "Storm Front" and Van Halen's "5150". The last studio work of band, "Can not Slow Down", has also sold over 500,000 units worldwide and was easily able to take the top 20 hurdle and became the best selling album of the last 25 years in Germany. Foreigner are still one of the world's most successful AOR bands. Now appears with "I Want To Know What Love Is - The Ballads" is the first ballad and Love Songs compilation of the band ever. Besides the classic hits new styling are of course songs from the current studio album to "I Want To Know What Love Is - The Ballads "included - among other things, of course, the catchy lead single" When It Comes To Love "(a Top 40 radio hit in America and Germany), which provides impressive evidence that Jones also with mid 60's still a unique sense of songwriting. Not for nothing was Mick Jones in 2013 - together with ex-Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm - was added to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jones: "A strong melody was me with my songs have always been the most important thing," he explains his seemingly simple motto. A recipe for success that has made ​​more than 80 million records sold to one of the most successful bands in rock history Foreigner - tendency. Ascending Also from the 2011 released "Acoustique" album, which was created with the participation of several strings and percussionist, four songs ( "Feels Like The First Time," "Say You Will", "The Flame Still Burns", "Double Vision") contain and provide for stylistic loosening between the normal studio album tracks. In addition, finds herself with "Save Me" also probably the most recent original Foreigner track to "I Want To Know What Love Is - The Ballads", in a collaboration with Samantha Ronson, the stepdaughter of Mick Jones and younger sister of British music producer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams), has emerged. Ronson has also produced on this album is "Fool For You Anyway." After almost 40 years in the music business Foreigner are truly no more strangers. With its exciting mix of stormy blues and expertly machined pop them continue to inspire the diverse generations of music fans and have - unlike the majority of current popular music - no half-life, they fall into oblivion at the end of those. "Our music has many people in the world affected," says Mick Jones. "Without realizing it, we meandered into the very foundations of their lives - and with the new line-up we are now working hard to maintain the high standards we have established years ago with this band. This is the most dynamic line-up that we have had since the early days of Foreigner. " This band founder Jones has managed the feat to occupy the key position at the microphone with a voice and stage presence that the ex-singer Lou Gramm in no way inferior and also the placet of "hardcore" fans of the band is: Kelly Hansen gives the oeuvre of Foreigner a completely own charisma, without denying the spirit of the old songs. A new energy and direction, which have contributed to the fact that since her comeback Foreigner were pleased to welcome many new, young fans and their songs both in Hollywood films such as "Rock Of Ages", "Magic Mike" or "Pitch Perfect again found "and in video game firecrackers branded" Grand Theft Auto V ". If it needed any further proof that Foreigners is music of exceptional timelessness and is able to captivate with their magical power, a generation after another, then he is hereby rendered well. 's Special Edition is truly a very attractive package for the common die-hard fan of Foreigner, because the bonus CD includes a complete and previously unreleased live performance of an acoustic show from Germany, recorded by SWR1 in July 2013. It not only contains all the band's hits and fan faves, but was specially produced by bassist and producer Jeff Pilson in 2013 for this purpose. Foreigner are a band that is today more than ever powerful and explosive. A band whose songs are as timeless and immortal as the great love. "I Want To Know What Love Is - The Ballads" - the white album with the red heart - the only 2CD with all the ballads and love songs in this sense: " Let's talk about love! " 

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