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Miles At The Fillmore 4 CDs

Miles Davis


Data aparitiei: 21.03.2014

Gen: Jazz

Casa de discuri: Columbia

130 LEI


Miles At The Fillmore - Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol 3 As the rock audience DDIS Fillmore the great jazz trumpeter for themselves discovered four CDs with Miles' historic performances at the legendary Fillmore East in New York - for the first time in full length available ! Over two hours of previously unreleased music, including bonus tracks, recorded at the Fillmore West in San Francisco Presented by the 1970 line-up with Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Airto Moreira and Steve Grossman , not least because this performances Miles Davis was added to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - the only jazz musician and instrumentalist of history with Miles At The Fillmore - Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol 3 documented Columbia / Legacy, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, Miles Davis' legendary performances at New York's Fillmore East. For the first time can be heard on the boxset spanning four CDs, the full-length songs, the trumpet player on four evenings (17 -20. June 1970) in Bill Graham's musical theater was the best. The box set is from the 21 Be available in March 2014. It can safely be described as one of the greatest moments in modern music history, as Miles Davis discovered the community of rock fans for himself and his sound, and this interest was reciprocated. It was in April 1970 - the groundbreaking album "Bitches Brew" was just two months on the market, as Bill Graham, who runs the legendary "Fillmore East", the trumpet took on four evenings in his musical theater. Miles had just then with the sound of James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, the Chambers Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, and even engaged in the Beatles and so marked "Bitches Brew" a turning point in his career. Graham had often jazz musicians (Charles Lloyd, John Handy, Roland Kirk, among others) were invited to the "Fillmore East", but Miles was the one who finally opened the rock audience's ears to a new world of sound. , it was not last these gigs to led that Miles Davis became the first jazz musician and instrumentalist ever 2006 into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. In October 1970, published Columbia Records double album "Miles Davis At Fillmore" on who played a selection of songs from the four gigs (Miles was heard in the interlude of Laura Nyro). These shows were edited together to fit the LP format. On "Miles At The Fillmore - Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol 3" are completely nachzuhören appearances for the first time. The results, if we include the three bonus tracks from the Fillmore West in San Francisco (where Miles in 1970 with The Grateful Dead and Stone the Crow stood on the stage) with a, a playing time of 135 minutes previously unreleased music. With the boxset package belongs a detailed, 36-page booklet with remarkable texts. They allow the reader to understand the effects of such musical transformations of the trumpeter on those turbulent era of rock music. The psychedelic era was coming to an end and it began the period of the anti-war movement, the Black Power Movement and, consequently, the golden age of radio. The following authors and co-authors have been immortalized in the booklet: • Carlos Santana dictated to the authors Ashley Kahn a comprehensive essay that reflects the impressions and memories of the guitarist and a vivid picture of that time creates. The musician deals with Miles' complex role in the pantheon of jazz, funk and rock music. He also commented on the fascinating relationship with Bill Graham, during the brief two years in which the trumpeter appeared in "Fillmore East" and "Fillmore West", was • The producers Richard Seidel and Michael Coscuna give a concise overview of Miles' Fillmore period and also on the bootleg Series project. Explain the differences between "Miles At The Fillmore" and the original double LP and get special attention to the previously unreleased show moments to speak • Michael Cuscuna, the close was following these moments as a DJ of the influential New York radio station WPLJ-FM , also controls at its own insightful essay. He commented chronologically the development of emergency trumpeter in the 1960s, underscores the importance of independent radio stations at that time and shows how the rock fans at this turning point of Miles' career of progressive jazz music turned towards 1970, Miles Davis released on Columbia Double -LP "Bitches Brew" the title theme of the international press. The album was released two months before the gigs in the "Fillmore" and was recorded in multiple sessions. The 1970 Miles line-up consisted of Chick Corea on electric piano, bassist Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette on drums, who had been at the first recording session in August 1969 here. These two members of the session came in November '69, who had toured with Miles in February and April 1970: the tenor and soprano saxophonist Steve Grossman and Airto Moreira, percussionist, flautist and singer. In "Fillmore East" is none other than Keith joined Jarrett to the band and so Miles was supported in the following three months, the same two buttons legends. Jarrett had been present before the Fillmore shows only a few Miles sessions, belonged until 1971 to the band and also played two gigs at the Fillmore West (October 1970 May 1971). On each of the four discs of the box set is one of the legendary gigs in the "Fillmore East" immortalized in full length. Thus, the compilation of the still on double CD (Miles Davis At Fillmore / Columbia Legacy C2K 65139) available Original Release differs. For the 1970 double album producer Teo Macero had the sets that up to an hour lasted originally 46 minutes long, edited to reflect the maximum playing time of a disc side. On the original album also lacked the tracklist, you named the LP pages simply by the week days on which took place the performances, with "Wednesday Miles", "Thursday Miles", "Friday Miles" and "Saturday Miles." In 1970 Interview of the rock magazine zygote Miles Davis appears on the concert recordings absolutely thrilled and expressed there the wish that "every single set and every single note played to the public should be made ​​available." leaves a good impression on the live action of the exception-Jazzers are us Rolling Stone critic Vince Aletti, who wrote about the first gig at "Fillmore East": "He took the stage, there were his special way with your knees bent to play and his trumpet sound a unit - extremely tight and hard as a taut steel spring . " for "Miles At The Fillmore - Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol 3" attacked the producers back to the original tapes that had been produced by Teo Macero and mixed by Stan Tonkel. The following song with which the band the Fillmore - not only because of the volume level - did shake them, belonged to the four evenings of the standard program: • "Directions" (first studio recording in November 1968 for the first time published in 1980 on LP) • "The Mask" ( Santana says about this song: ". It was like being in a Hitchcock movie you had the feeling that equal anything inevitability would happen ..." It was a new title, the Miles two weeks prior to the Fillmore shows, at the end the four-month Jack Johnson Sessions had taken.) • "It's About That Time" (from the 1969 album "In A Silent Way") and • "Bitches Brew" (in powerful, 10-14-minute versions of the original Album version with 27 minutes playing time in terms of funkiness in no way inferior) had As Miles and the Fillmore audience accustomed to each other, the longer sets and additional pieces were added to the repertoire. On the second evening Miles played with "Spanish Key" from "Bitches Brew" even an encore - an event that is extremely rare came at his gigs. In the third and fourth gig Miles varied the setlist. In "It's About That Time" of the Evergreen was followed by "If I Fall In Love Too Easily" (1963 recorded for the Seven Steps to Heaven album) and the Wayne Shorter composition "Sanctuary" (from "Bitches Brew"). On the last night Miles was still the song "Willie Nelson" the best that he had received in February of the year at the beginning of the Jack Johnson sessions. As bonus tracks for the box set, the producers chose three songs from the shows in the "Fillmore West". Although they were part of the live repertoire, the audience in the "Fillmore East" they did not get to hear, however. On CD 1, it is the Wayne Shorter-called "Paraphernalia" (from the 1968 album "Miles In The Sky") and "Footprints" (from the 1966 LP "Miles Smiles"), on CD 3 is a 13-minute live version of the influenced by Hendrix "Miles Runs The Voodoo Down" "Miles At The Fillmore - Miles Davis 1970" is the third single release of the Miles Davis Bootleg Series with previously unreleased or only as a bootleg versions appeared live recordings. Each issue of the series was produced by Grammy ®-winners Richard Seidel and Michael Cuscuna. As a co-producer served the multiple Grammy ® winner Steve Berkowitz. Miles At The Fillmore was mixed by Grammy ® winner Dave Darlington. Executive producers for the Miles Davis Estate are Erin Davis, Cheryl Davis and Vince Wilburn Jr. restorations are responsible for the Grammy ® Award-winner Mark Wilder of the Battery Studios in New York, and Maria Triana. So far in the Bootleg Series published: • "Miles Davis Quintet - Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol 1" (published in September 2011) This package, consisting of three CDs and one DVD, is engaged in Miles' performances at European festivals in October / November 1967. In this case, Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter is the "second great quintet" with Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), (bass) and Tony Williams (drums) heard. This box set was hailed enthusiastically by the critics, got in the magazine Down Beat the best rating and was voted by the readers and critics of the magazine for the "Historical Album of the Year". Also in the magazine Jazz Times reached "The Bootleg Series Vol 1" for readers and critics took first place in the category "Best re-release" and was developed by the Jazz Journalists Association for "Best Historical or Boxed Set" is selected • "Miles Davis Quintet - Live In Europe 1969: The Bootleg Series Vol 2 "(released in January 2013) One of three CDs and a DVD existing package that deals with the" busy third great quintet "of the trumpeter, which existed only for a very short time. Here are Wayne Shorter (tenor and soprano sax), Chick Corea (piano and electric piano), Dave Holland (double bass and electric bass) and drummer Jack DeJohnette (drums) at the Antibes Jazz Festival, Stockholm and Berlin to hear. Also, this box set was chosen by readers and critics of the magazine Down Beat "Historical Album of the Year" and achieved as its predecessor with readers and critics of the magazine Jazz Times took first place in the category "Best re-release" "The sound, the Miles produced in Fillmore, "quoted Ashley Kahn Carlos Santana," was the Black Panther movement. The sound of Vietnam. The sound of the demonstrators who were beaten up and shot at. It was the sound of the hippies and street fighting and the revolution of consciousness ... You can hear here formally the anger, darkness and delusion -. Everything remnants of the 60 that were on the one hand over and still nachwirkten " If ever there was a time when rock fans were willing to open their ears for great jazz music, which was then at the Fillmore ... where Bill Graham had deliberately created, sincere and without regard to the zeitgeist of an environment that a new generation could see the beauty of this music. And that was Graham's deal: if you want to hear Steve Miller, Neil Young and Santana, you have you first reinziehen Miles ". 

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