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Local Anaesthetic REMASTERED CD - Digipak



Data aparitiei: 20.08.2008

Gen: progressive rock

Casa de discuri: Repertoire

54.99 LEI


Strikingly innovative solo album from Patrick Campbell-Lyons, founder of legendary psychedelic group Nirvana. (This intriguing outfit is not to be confused with the Seattle group that achieved fame in the 1990s). The original UK Nirvana began life as a duo in 1967, when Irish born composer Patrick teamed up with Greek musician Alex Spyropolous to create a series of orchestral works with top session men. They attained a pop chart hit with ‘Rainbow Chaser’ before disbanding in the early 1970s. On this album, first released in 1971 on the ‘spiral’ Vertigo label, Campbell-Lyons revived the Nirvana concept and teamed up with various musicians including Tony Duhig and Jon Field of Jade Warrior and saxophonist Mel Collins. The CD has two long compositions, ‘Modus Operandi’ a psychedelic epic co-written by Campbell-Lyons and Patrick Joseph Kelly and ‘Home’ a sustained five-part suite of emotive songs. Here is a group that defied conventions, even during a period of pop and rock experimentation and broke many boundaries with unpredictable, often magical results.

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